As partner of the ISCO 2018 conference, innovative Cycling has a few special offers for the participant of the ISCO conference.

The offers are show below.

If you are interested in these offers please send an email to ISCO@Innovativecycling.Com 



The ideal tool to quickly change saddles, can also be used to adjust setback and saddle angle

The Original price is 349.-, with the ISCO discount the price is 314.- euro (all prices ex. vat)


BIKEFIT CLEATWEDGES, assortiment: -20%

A package with the following wedges

  • 40 pcs Cleatwedges, Look / SPD SL 1 degree
  • 20 pcs Cleatwedges, Look / SPD SL 2 degrees
  • 40 pxs Cleat wedges, SPD 1 degree
  • 40 pcs Cleat wedges, Speedplay 1 degree
 The Original price is 175.-, with the ISCO discount the price is 140.- euro (all prices ex. vat)


 CYCLEFIT LEGLENGTH TOOL, including footdisc.

The optimum tool to measure footlength, work with airpressure (pump) to get a consistent result. Can also be used manually (pulling up), the integrated Footdisc, a heat sensetive foil makes it possible to examine the form of the foot as well

The orginal price is 450.-, the ISCO discount price is 375.- euro (all prices ex. vat)