Phits 3D geprinte zolen winnen ISPO award

Persbericht – 3D printed Phits™ Insoles by RS Print™ win prestigious ISPO Award

As from Sunday, the sporting goods industry will assemble at the ISPO fair in Munich, Germany. RS Print™, the joint venture of Materialise and RS scan International will be there with a booth presenting one of the few true innovations: Phits™ Insoles, 3D printed insoles, fully custom to the person’s gait and activity. A major step in making the functional customization of footwear scalable. This also convinced the jury of the prestigious ISPO Awards, awarding Phits Insoles in the category Performance Footwear.

“Of course we hoped to win this award” says Tom Peeters, Marketing Manager at Phits™, “we’re the first to offer a high quality 3D printing solution that reflects both people’s personal gait analysis as well as the activity type. But being rewarded at ISPO was a surprise for us, as for most footwear brands, functional customization is highly disruptive and being regarded as a threat, but also as the major challenge for the next 10 years. We’re already talking with some brands about the integration of our solution in their footwear development, but we hope this award will open some more doors and that our technology become accessible for virtually everyone.”

CEO Dennis Vandenbussche continues: “the unique thing about our approach is that we can directly translate gait analysis in objective data and parameters that are used to automatically propose a 3D insole model. Both the analysis and the design parameters were subject to large scale biomechanical research and are scientifically approved. That’s already quite something, but it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t make a high quality print. Moreover, you need to scale this, otherwise it can never become profitable. The knowhow and support of Materialise to achieve top level mass customization is thus indispensable for the success of Phits™.”

How does it work and where can people find a pair of Phits™? Peeters: it’s basically about creating an efficient, durable and comprehensible solution. Our network of Phits™ experts, consisting of podiatrists and O&P’s, but also physiotherapists and even high end specialized sporting retail, run through a footscan® protocol together with their patients, this offers a crystal clear analysis to both expert and patient. Based on these data, they decide whether or not a pair of Phits™ is needed, if so, they can design and order immediately with the same tool that is linked to our cloud based ordering system.”

According to Dennis Vandenbussche this offers many possibilities: “We’re not only focusing on sports people. The beautiful thing about this application is that the generated insole design is automatically linked to the person’s gait, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a pro cyclist looking for that magic one percent or someone who needs a better foot support to stay on his feet from a medical point of view. Our experts can help almost everybody.”

At this time, Phits™ is mainly active in Belgium and the Netherlands, but the focus for 2016 will be on the US and the UK. “We’re already available in about 15 countries, from the US over South-Korea to New Zealand. Our intuitive software visualization together with the cloud based ordering system offer the perfect tools to think on a global scale”, Peeters concludes.

More information: (new website online soon)  - @PhitsInsoles on Twitter

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