How to regain cycling efficiency

2 - 3 april 2020

How to regain cycling efficiency - A new 2 day education for experienced Bikefitter


we are proud to announce that Innovative Cycling will host a new education for experience bikefitter. 1 of Belgium's most experienced Bikefitters, physiotherapist / manual therapist Roel Bruylandt will be the lecturer.

Content, lecture but also the location and timing are perfect, just in between the 2 major race in Flanders (Dwars door Vlaanderen - 1 april and the Tour of Flanders (4/5th april) the education will take place in Oudenaarde, the heart of Flanders.

more info on the education itself below


How to regain cycling efficiency

Bruylandt Roel, Physiotherapist/Manual therapist


Next generation bike fitting strategies for better function, optimal performance and injury prevention/management. A body perspective.


Learn how the complex cycling body really works.                                                                         This course will give you sports medical insights by discussing function step by step. From the big toe to the head and everything in between. We will provide powerful tools and cycling specific clinical tests to asses body function. You will get knowledge about how a cycling position affects normal body systems such as breathing, digesting or musculoskeletal function. Be able to evaluate normal function and compensation patterns. Understand how your fit adaptations interfere with the cycling body as an interconnected unit. Don’t compromise, adapt based on knowledge.



Bruylandt Roel studied Msc Physiotherapy and manual therapy at Ghent University (Belgium) and Curtin university (W-Australia). Since he has been a frequent speaker. As a former cyclist and practitioner he got quickly involved in the motion management of a whole series of professional and Olympic cyclists. After more than 20 years of experience, Roel will share his highly specific knowledge with his class. His aim is to help boosting the scientific support in cycling.


Target Audience

 Experienced fitters, coaches, fysiotherapists, everybody involved in the motion management of cyclists.



Euro 850.- (ex. vat) including lunches and diner on thursday night


Interested / questions

Are you interested in this unique education, please get in touch, 

+32 (0) 473176205